'Tearless Discipline' Class Endorsements

I have taken this class three times - not because I think I’m a slow learner, but because I found myself in new life roles. This class has helped me to become not only a better educator, but also a better parent – it’s amazing how I’ve come away with new insights each time. In addition, it has also made me aware of how much helpful information is available in this day and age to support parents in their efforts to help children to achieve their potential. It is only three evenings out of your whole life. Go for it!
— Maria (Keny) Pereda-Torp; Owner - Keystone Montessori Center - Boise

I feel that secondary teachers miss out on very important educational information. Most don’t have a clue on why students act the way they do and what they can do about it. Many elementary programs don’t teach this important information. The teachers coming out of college would be much less “overwhelmed” if they had this information when they stepped into their first classroom.
— Carol Herring, Teacher at St. Mary's School - Boise

Amazing class. The most important thing I learned is how to discipline with logical consequences instead of using punishment. My children are responding well to the changes in discipline – and spending uninterrupted time with the boys has reduced the fighting that was going on. I would love to do this class again and any class Vivian Brault teaches. She is very informative, and my family is much better off since I took the class.
— Phillip Howard, Parent - Boise

This was an excellent class. Very informative and practical. Very insightful as to why children behave the way they do and how to manage behaviors. I highly recommend this course for both teachers and parents.
— Dan Bacon, Preschool Teacher - Boise

’Tearless’ Discipline is a class that teaches ‘real life’ uses for dealing with the challenges that being a parent bring to life each day.
— Shari Ferree, Parent and Daycare Owner - Boise

Mark and I took the 'Tearless' Discipline class earlier this summer and wanted to let you know how valuable the class was to us and our family. I can not summarize in words how much you have helped us and how grateful we are! Thank you so much!
— Christine and Mark Fiechter - Boise

Bill and his wife Penny have seen the positive results of these courses so much with their own children that both of them dedicate time as parent volunteers to help with the classes. From a Dad thats seen her at work for 6 years now - Vivian Brault is a gift to the generations of people that have directly and will indirectly experience her wisdom. With all the love that I have, thank you.
— Bill Iuliano - Parent Volunteer

I have taken the "Tearless Discipline" and the "Parenting Skills That Work" courses--and they were both fantastic. My relationship with my girls (ages 3 and 5) changed--for the better--early on during these classes. My responses to their behaviors suddenly changed, and just as if we were reading from a script, they would respond in a more manageable way, and the dance took off in a totally different direction than before! My girls understand that THEY CHOOSE their behavior in their life and in this house, AND that consequences happen as a result of those choices. This one thought alone has resulted in less verbal battles between us and empowers them to make good choices (or, at least, to think about the consequences!). Vivian has several "experiential activities" that she has the class do which were extremely helpful. Taking the 8-week course was a huge commitment in my schedule, and I hesitated in signing up; however, what I and my family gained in return, has been invaluable and well worth the cost.
— Jennie Ritter - Boise Parent

Raising Self Reliant Children Class Endorsements

This class helps restore perspective and balance in a world that seems to spin faster and faster. I learned – through attending - the many ways our changing society is impacting family life; I also learned specific methods for countering the effects that are negative. This course helped me to become aware of ways I can promote the best possible home environment for my own child – it also made me sensitive to the fact that who I am, my own priorities, and the ways in which I communicate with my child will influence who she becomes. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take this class.
— Maria (Keny) Pereda-Torp; Owner - Keystone Montessori Center - Boise

Raising Self Reliant Children in a Self Indulgent World should be required reading for all parents trying to raise kids in today's world. We learned a lot about the power of communication and feel much more prepared to help our three boys grow into healthy, capable, self-reliant adults. The class helps Adults become more capable and self-reliant too! Thanks Vivian-we look forward to more sessions with you and will recommend any of your courses highly in the future.
— Richard & Kim Rene

Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom Class Endorsements

Vivian, Thank you for bringing the course to us. Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom has given me useful tools for a democratic classroom.
— Tina Young; Teacher - St. Mary's School - Boise

Parenting Skills That Work Class Endorsements

Vivian's calm and patient demeanor and incredible insight into human behavior is a pleasure to experience. The lessons learned are life changing as a parent, wife and community member. Take the class!
— Meg Roberts - Parent - Boise

My wife and I were struggling with parenthood prior to taking this class and wondering if we were really ‘cut out’ for it. Over the eight-week period of this class, we have seen a remarkable change in our toddler’s behavior and as a result have enjoyed being parents. The class gives insight into children’s behavior that makes total sense. We highly recommend it !”
— Dr. Andrew Curran - Physician and Parent - Boise

This course could replace all the parenting books I’ve read on discipline, communication, etc.. I’m glad I took it while my children were five and three.
— Karen Hamm - Parent - Boise

This is an awesome course. Very informative. Useful not only with kids, but with work situations!
— Kristina Laface - Parent - Boise

I found the class very grounding and helpful for being a better parent – and a better human being.
— Liz Merril - Parent - Boise

The class gave me lots of new skills to use in raising my kids. It gives you knowledge about ways to deal with any situation encountered, instead of ‘pat’ responses that may or may not work. This course should be taken as soon as the baby is born so that the skill and knowledge can be put to use even at the earliest stages of development.
— Axe Yewer - Parent - Boise

My husband and I are so grateful for Vivian’s classes. We have found a method that matches our values. Our family life has changed remarkably. We have less conflict and more fun. I recommend these classes to all my patients with children.
— Dr. Joan Haynes - Physician and Parent - Boise

This course should be required for all parents, just as we are required to take driver’s ed before we’re licensed. The format of the course, with the reading, questions, exercises and videos, reinforces learning the information. This is a serious time commitment that is worthwhile and will provide my family with innumerable benefits for years to come. I had the luck of having my husband attend with me so we are now able to provide a united, consistent front. It has helped our relationship as a couple as well as parents. I highly recommend it.
— Jennifer Yewer - Parent - Boise

The Parenting Skills That Work course opened our eyes to the way many of us have been trained to parent and how ineffective this usually is. The tools and techniques we learned will certainly benefit us as we continue to grow as parents. I would recommend this class to anyone with children – and recommend that it be taken as early as possible.
— Kelly Meade - Parent - Boise

This class has been tremendously helpful – most importantly finding out why my child behaves the way he does has reduced my stress. I have learned that my immediate reaction to a situation is probably never the right one – I’ll stop and think before I react in the future.
— Beverly Schoeberl - Parent - Boise

Our child is young enough that we haven’t run into many problems, but we are prepared for the future. This information has made me aware of what a child may be after with his/her behavior, and how to respond to that and how to prevent behavior problems.
— Margo Meade - Parent - Boise

I totally enjoyed each and every class session. I didn’t realize that the issues I was dealing with were stemming from the things that I was, and was not doing. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to become a better parent.
— Tami Taylor - Parent - Boise

I took this class as a follow-up to the Tearless Discipline Class. It is unbelievable - in only 8 evenings you become completely aware of why your child – and others - behave in the ways they do. My goal is to help my child reach her full potential in all aspects of life - taking this class is the best thing I have done to help accomplish that goal. I tell everyone I know about this class. I promote it for all Keystone Montessori staff and parents. I wish everyone could take it - we would all better understand and better communicate with our children – and each other.
— Maria (Keny) Pereda-Torp; Owner - Keystone Montessori Center - Boise

I have gained a greater understanding of myself and my children. I have a greater sense of calm because I have acquired some great tools to enhance our family’s cooperation, tolerance, and unity. Thanks for all the great insights and tools to have a positive, encouraging, responsible, relationship with my children.
— Elizabeth Tullis - Parent - Boise