Love and Limits Network

The Love and Limits Network is dedicated to support for parents and providers in their search for a solid foundation and "sense of direction" for bringing out the best in children. Features of the network are based on the internationally-acclaimed work of psychologist Alfred Adler, and esteemed parent educators, Dr. Rudolph Dreikurs, M.D., and Vickie Soltz, R.N., co-authors of Children: The Challenge - the all-time parenting "classic." Simply stated - the basic assumptions of the Adlerian approach are: a child's behavior is a function of his subjective perceptions about his environment and the people in it, it is purposeful movement toward a perceived positive goal - and there is a consistent theme to his behavior - referred to as his "style of life."

Because the Love and Limits Network is based on proven principles of Adlerian psychology rather than a quick fix or band aid approach - the support offered to parents and providers is consistent, positive, and practical. It emphasizes the need children have for both love and limits, a sense of 'belonging' and highlights the importance of encouragement, mutual-respect, freedom within limits, and discipline based on natural and logical consequences. It blends well with old-fashioned common sense. And - it works!

The Love and Limits Network will connect you directly with Vivian Brault M.A. who has trained countless care providers and parents in the 'Tearless' Discipline approach to parenting and working with children. The Network allows you to submit your questions and to learn from responses to the questions of other parents and providers. The focus of the Network is education; not therapy.

The Love and Limits Network includes:

Love and Limits Log - Answers to the behavior-related questions submitted by providers or parents.

FAQ - Answers to questions asked frequently by parents and providers.

Resource Roster - Recommended books, DVDs, web sites and tapes for care providers and parents.

Love and Limits News - Featuring monthly articles, parenting reminders, notices of scheduled local and National Adlerian conferences, workshops, and more.

To achieve the greatest gain from participating in the Love and Limits Network, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of Adlerian parenting principles gained through prior attendance in an Adlerian-based parenting class such as: Positive Discipline; Active Parenting; S.T.E.P.; Children: The Challenge, or having viewed the 'Tearless' Discipline DVD Workshop.

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