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Tearless Discipline DVD

The 'Tearless' workshop is contained on four DVD discs, each containing two modules of the eight-module program. Instructions for using the program (and supplemental handouts) are contained on a single CD that accompanies the set of four DVDs. The workshop is available in a Care Provider Edition and a Parent Edition. The CD that accompanies each program contains important information for using that specific edition, so be sure to order the program edition that meets your needs.

  • Disk 1:
    - Understanding behavior & misbehavior (24 min)
    - Why patterns of misbehavior begin & progress (46 min)
  • Disk 2:
    - Identifying the goals & progression of misbehavior (20 min)
    - Addressing the Underlying Cause of Misbehavior (14 min)
  • Disk 3:
    - Preventing Misbehavior (46 min)
    - The effectiveness of encouragement (39 min)
  • Disk 4:
    - Disciplining with consequences (49 min)
    - Graphic summary of the 'Tearless' Discipline concept (6 min)
Parent Edition $100 Care Provider Edition $125
Provides today's all-too-busy moms and dads with the keys for putting the joy back in parenting, and harmony back in the home. There is no easier way to say "goodbye" to power struggles - morning, bedtime, and mealtime hassles - major "meltdowns" and more.

View the eight workshop modules in the comfort of your own home, at times that accommodate your busy schedule. And, assess your own learning with a self-assessment quiz online after each module!

Provides early childhood personnel with the insights necessary for instilling harmony and a positive atmosphere in the care setting. Participants learn how to apply and practice 'Tearless' Discipline skills that are immediately useful for eliminating power struggles and defiance, setting effective limits and gaining the cooperation of one child or a group - without reminding or yelling.

This is a ready-to-show workshop. The work of preparation and presentation is done for center directors who can provide result-oriented training for staff on the topic of child behavior by simply slipping the discs into a DVD player and pushing "play". We even administer the course quiz online and mail the IDAHO STARS and Boise City certificates to you.

Order the Provider Edition today and it's yours to train as many staff as you wish - as often as you wish - at no additional cost. Providers who attend the training for 10 licensing credits pay $20 to complete the online quizzes for Boise City and/or Idaho Stars certification and training credits.

  • View at your convenience
  • Nothing to read - It's all on video
  • Q/A support available at the Love and Limits Log during and after course
  • Share DVDs with grandparents, nannies, play groups
  • Simple instructions and handouts are on the CD
  • Certificate of completion meets court compliance*
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Parents: To receive the $100 listing price, enter the following Discount Code: AHL4ADQL

*Parents who complete the workshop at the direction of the court pay a $20 fee to complete a short, multiple-choice quiz online at the end of each module. A certificate is mailed upon completion of the last quiz.

Idaho's Family Violence Court approves the workshop for court ordered compliance. We encourage residents of other states to check with their deciding authority to confirm acceptance.

  • Buy one time - train staff multiple times - get licensing credits every time
  • A time-efficient, cost-efficient training resource - No reading - All DVD video
  • Reduce staff turnover from "burnout"
  • Improve class climate - overall center environment
  • A convenient way to meet license deadlines
  • Conduct training where and when it's convenient
  • Q/A support online at the Love and Limits Log during and after the course
  • DVDs make for convenient course make up or review
  • Present the class for center parents or loan DVDs to parents who don't have time to attend a parenting class
  • Certificates of completion for Idaho Stars and Boise City mailed upon completion of last quiz.
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We recommend residents of states outside of Idaho check with your state's licensing agency to ensure compliance with training requirements.