DIRECTIONS takes your privacy seriously. Personal contact information provided through the following means will not be shared or sold to any individual or business.

  1. Love and Limits Membership registration and use of membership features.
  2. Purchasing goods from DIRECTIONS.
  3. Enrollment in any class, including 'Tearless' Discipline on DVD.
  4. Participating in an online quiz for certification purposes.*

* In order to accommodate Idaho child care personnel, we will necessarily provide Idaho Stars (Idaho State Training and Registry System) with the information they require to grant Idaho Stars training credit and certification for completing the 'Tearless' Discipline DVD course and online quiz. This procedure applies only to providers who want Idaho Stars training credits; it doesn't apply to those who do not want an Idaho Stars certificate nor to those who complete the DVD course and quiz for purposes of court compliance.

DIRECTIONS uses a third-party vendor, PayPal®, to process financial transactions. Their Privacy Policy is available for review at:

Should there be a discrepancy between the privacy policies of DIRECTIONS and the third-party vendor, DIRECTIONS will abide by the more restrictive, as determined by DIRECTIONS Executive Director.

Our privacy policies will be reviewed and enhanced as necessary - updates will be published to our website and become effective immediately.

Updated December 6, 2007