Special Thanks

A sincere “thank you” to many Boise area Moms and Dads who have volunteered countless hours - over the past six years - to make it possible for other parents, teachers and day care providers to learn ways to increase their effectiveness and establish harmony in homes, classrooms, and child care centers by using the mutually-respectful Adlerian approach to living and working with children.

These volunteers perform a variety of services including working ‘behind the scenes’ preparing class materials, making phone calls, coordinating volunteer schedules, assisting with class discussions and facilitating experiential activities during classes. They have also organized and hosted on-going parent support group meetings in their own homes. Without their dedication it would not be possible to accommodate the number of parents and teachers who attend DIRECTIONS classes each year. Each and every volunteer has gone ‘above and beyond’ to promote peaceful, cooperative family life, and a positive and productive classroom atmosphere that has benefited literally hundreds of children, parents, and early childhood educators in the Boise area.

Those volunteers include:

  • Penny Iuliano
  • Bill Iuliano
  • Kae Leinberger
  • Bryon Leinberger
  • Don Rye
  • Jeff Moore
  • Sara Zimmerman
  • Suzie Wilson
  • Amy McCready
  • Mary McGown
  • Jendy Collins
  • Terrilene Smith
  • Keny Pereda
  • Michelle Heil
  • Marnie Ellis
  • Sheila Grisham
  • Joe Daltoso
  • Martha Daltoso
  • Paul Grisham
  • Dawn Mannion-Walsh
  • Pam Solon
  • Irene Curran
  • Sue Robertson
  • Stacey Gombert

A special thank you to the volunteer who made this website a reality - Tami Paradis, owner of the The James Company.

Another important behind-the-scenes helper is Kit Parker, who organizes and distributes class material electronically.

I wish to express a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you! Vivian